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She paints, does yoga, explores the hills and trails of Mt Tam with a bunch of old friends — every Wednesday. Once a Sausalito fixture — Trident and Ondines- she has stories. How has it changed in 50 years? Now, when my five girl friends get together for our monthly Whine and Roses Salon, on the pretense of discussing current events, we boldly go where no one we know has gone before. We throw off the manacles of polite society- forget that — we go for candid and candor. None of that tiptoeing around for us.

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An error on this event page? Suggest a modification Ladies and gents!! Our Next exciting Speed Friending with Prizes is here!! Let’s meet up and have a relaxing, low-pressure, fun time!

The Single Life: Speed Dating. I bought my Marin Pine mt SS 29’er more than a couple years back here on Jenson and it is by far my favorite bike to ride bar none. I’ve owned a lot of bikes but as other above me have stated it’s the ss that gets ridden. I had a chance to ride my buddy’s Cannondale H converted to a single speed.

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If you have received a traffic citation, a Reminder Notice will be mailed to you at the address listed on the citation. The Reminder Notice includes the following Bail amount for the citation and the due date to pay or appear Traffic Violator School TVS eligibility information Information regarding clearing a “fix-it” violation with proof of correction Instructions for payment by credit card Court appearance instructions and information If you do not receive a Reminder Notice within 6 weeks after receiving a citation, please call the Traffic Division at Court telephone operators are available from 8:

Abiola Abrams & Bill CammackPhoto Credit: German Marin My homegirl, Abiola Abrams [Web/Twitter/Facebook] was selected by MTV to be a “Made” coach. Her episode was about transforming a year-old, scrawny geek dude into a Ladies Man. You can see deleted scenes on the MTV: “Made” site, and eventually, they’ll have the full episode available.

Its current testing grounds and feedback from multi-time world champion Brian Lopes have allowed the company to create new products that can hold their own in the competitive world of mountain bike suspension. The latest fork to receive this damper is a The McQueen promises high performance at a competitive price, so we decided to install one on a Devinci test bike to see what this fork was all about. The fork can be adjusted with 16 clicks of high-speed compression, 3 clicks of low-speed compression, and 36 clicks of rebound damp- ing.

Its travel is internally adjustable from to millimeters and features a millimeter Hard Ano aluminum stanchion. The McQueen has a millimeter LockX axle and a millimeter offset, along with the capability of running tires as wide as 3. This fork weighs 4. The McQueen features a three-position high-speed compression adjustment, along with 16 clicks of low- speed compression adjustment.

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Forecast as of 9: Seas 5 to 7 feet with occasional seas to 9 feet. Intracoastal waters a moderate chop.

“She might fake because she’s worried about taking too long,” Marin says. Instead, make her feel comfortable by going at her speed and let her direct you. 2.

Museum Bikes Prior to C. Bicycle We can only guess what C. Manufacturers sprung up overnight and disappeared just as quickly the next day. The Wright Brothers and Huffman bikes were located in Dayton. Miami Cycle manufacturing was in Middleton. Shelby steel tubing came out of Shelby, Ohio. Columbus bicycles from Columbus.

Hercules bicycles not to be confused with the English Hercules brand of the 20th century made their bikes in Cleveland. They actually came out of Toledo. Hand painted head tube badge Adjust them low and narrow or high and wide Kelly adjustable handlebars, made in Cleveland So what does C. Probably not that last one. Beautifully made crankset year old pedals Sager saddle after years This bike is in remarkably good condition for its age.

The clincher style wooden rims and Goodyear tires appear to be original, and not only do the tubes still hold air, everything tolerated a recent careful ride around the neighborhood.

Warren Worthington III (Earth-616)

Bio Follow April 23 “I want you to feel the car. Feel the gas, feel the brake,” my racetrack instructor Jason Rabe is saying. We’re driving along 4. There’s a switchback and hairpin turns, corners inspired by grand European racetracks, and a kink in the road they like to call “kryptos.

Cheech Marin of Cheech & Chong last week married classical pianist Natasha Rubin in a sunset ceremony at their Malibu beach home, officiated by Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa.

A Stormtalon Gunship of the Ultramarines Chapter armed with twin-linked Assault Cannons and twin-linked Typhoon Missile Launchers Stormtalons are often assigned as escorts to other mission-critical units, and this is where the craft truly excels and it is nearly unmatched in this role. At one moment the aircraft can be flying across the battlefield at death-defying speeds; at the next, its pilot can switch over to its VTOL systems and trade its extreme speed for enhanced agility, all the while strafing enemy positions with powerful barrages of shells and missiles.

At the Battle of Cold Steel Ridge, entire squadrons of Ultramarines Stormtalon pilots pushed their craft to the limit. With afterburners propelling their aircraft to bone-jarring speeds, the Stormtalons intercepted monstrous Harpies and flocks of Gargoyles , whose winged bodies were darkening the skies. No sooner had the Stormtalons regained air superiority than the pilots were vectoring their engines, hovering above their Battle-Brothers on the ground and helping to hold back the advancing swarms of charging Tyranids.

By using pinpoint strafing tactics and overlapping firepower matrices they cut down hundreds of Gaunts , staining the Macraggian snows purple with rivers of stinking xenos ichor. There are several Space Marine Chapters, such as the White Scars, Hawk Lords , and the Raven Guard, that believe that close-support and interdiction duties do not fully exert the Stormtalon’s potential. In these Chapters, and countless others, they excel at using the Stormtalon as a vanguard strike-craft, where the Stormtalons keep pace with and escort their Assault Marines and Land Speeder squadrons.

When the Stormtalon is used in this way, as the principal attack vehicle of an Astartes strike force, the rest of the rapid moving units act as escorts for the aircraft, clearing the attack corridor of enemy anti-air fire as the Stormtalon roars in to obliterate its targets with devastating effect.

Double duty: Providence linebacker Mariano Sori-Marin helps on offense too

Wikimedia Deutschland speed dating at Wikimania Usually advance registration is required for speed dating events. Men and women are rotated to meet each other over a series of short “dates” usually lasting from three to eight minutes depending on the organization running the event. At the end of each interval, the organizer rings a bell, clinks a glass, or blows a whistle to signal the participants to move on to the next date.

At the end of the event participants submit to the organizers a list of who they would like to provide their contact information to.

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I am unsure who– or what– I am. But I’d like to find out. Warren first began his superhero career after a fire broke out in his dorm at Phillips Academy in Exeter , New Hampshire. Warren disguised himself with a wig and a nightshirt and lowered two students to safety with a rope. Warren also saved a fellow student Cameron Hodge from a bully and made a lifelong friend. Xavier’s lessons and in public.

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Examined attachment and initial romantic attraction during speed-dating. Abstract Attachment insecurity is generally associated with low romantic attraction from prospective partners. However, no research has examined the pan-cultural applicability of attachment and initial romantic attraction, referring to the extent to which attachment processes are implicated in romantic attraction across cultures. We examined if attachment insecurity influenced initial romantic attraction in the actor and partner, and whether effects were moderated by culture.

Women were less attracted to men high in attachment avoidance irrespective of culture, though attachment anxiety and avoidance were unrelated to male initial romantic attraction.

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Photograph by Alejandro R. Torres At First Sight: Tables are numbered one to 20 in black magic marker on white cards. I get my name tag and go to table seven, lucky, right under the heater. In summer, this is courtyard seating at Acapulco Mexican Restaurant and Cantina. Now, in late February, the roof is black plastic and there’s a chill. Some of the women have tiny plates of happy-hour snacks and are ordering margaritas.

On each table sit tall glasses of water, pots of salsa, and a basket of chips. I just brushed my teeth, rinsed with Scope, and put on two layers of lipstick. No way I’m going to eat, or drink alcohol either, even though I’m a little antsy. Early-bird males have been chatting with women at tables one through three. Just after 7pm, everyone arrives at once and a line forms in the hallway.


January 10, Koble Hydraulisk Vinsj Vinsj skogbruk annonser. Liste over alle Vinsj skogbruk p Agriaffaires Fjernkontroll vinsj fra Kr. Vi har n 59 Fjernkontroll vinsj fra Finn. Hei alle sammen, er ny her p forumet og kunne trenge litt hjelp ang. Selger mente det var en sandvik men den er merket Elkem

Engagement Tools The cohort of Resilient by Design projects offers innovative design concepts that respond to the challenge of a rising bay, as well as creative ways to .

This event is like getting to go on a bunch of first dates in 1 night! Get face-to-face, one-on-one with many other singles in 1 night so you can QUICKLY see who you have an interest in seeing again for second dates. This is low pressure, fun, extremely time efficient, and best of all – effective! It is the smart way to find the right person to date. This event is open to everyone – both new and returning.

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