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Originally published on November 3, 2: To see more, visit http: In , after Barack Obama was elected president, one of his first major foreign-policy decisions was to appoint the renowned diplomat Richard Holbrooke as the special representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan. When he accepted the nomination, Holbrook made a joke to his wife and family about how demanding the job would be. I also have to thank Kati, my two sons David and Anthony for coming down here today, and I hope that I’ll be able to see you sometime the next few years. Richard Holbrook died after complications from a torn aorta almost two years later.

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Mar 16,  · But the Russians were hearing in the fall of that new Assistant Secretary of State for Europe Richard Holbrooke was speeding up NATO expansion discussions, even initiating a NATO study in November of the “how and why” of new members.

Advertise Holbrooke, with his long-standing ties to Bill Clinton and Hillary Rodham Clinton, was a strong supporter of her bid for the White House. He had been considered a favorite to become secretary of state if she had won. When she dropped out, he began reaching out to the campaign of Obama. Reflecting on his role as Obama’s special envoy, Holbrooke wrote in The Washington Post in March that “the conflict in Afghanistan will be far more costly and much, much longer than Americans realize.

This war, already in its seventh year, will eventually become the longest in American history, surpassing even Vietnam. Karzai brushed it off, saying he had “no problem at all with Mr. With his decades of service and long list of accomplishments in U. At a ceremony to mark the fifth anniversary of the Dayton Peace Accords, Holbrooke bristled when was asked by a reporter if his views on the future of Kosovo — that it would eventually become independent — matched those of his boss.

Holbrooke rejected direct comparisons between Afghanistan and Vietnam, but acknowledged similarities and repeatedly pressed the administration to do more to win the hearts and minds of both the Afghan and Pakistani people. At the State Department ceremony in January when he was introduced as the special envoy to Afghanistan and Pakistan, Holbrooke spotted an old friend in the audience, John Negroponte, his one-time roommate in Saigon the former South Vietnamese capital now called Ho Chi Minh City who later was the first director of national intelligence and a former U.

Richard Holbrooke Dies After Suffering Aortic Dissection

Special Envoy to Pakistan and Afghanistan Richard Holbrooke died Monday night at the age of 69 after suffering an aortic dissection, a small tear in the largest artery of the body. Holbrooke was in a meeting with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton last Friday when he gasped and became ill. Although he was reportedly able to walk himself to the elevator, he was rushed to George Washington University Hospital, where he was diagnosed with an aortic dissection and underwent 20 hours of emergency surgery.

Aortic Tears Often Fatal Aortic dissections are uncommon but often fatal, even when patients receive prompt medical attention. For patients with the most severe type A dissections, which are tears located next to the heart, the mortality rate is about 20 percent.

George Packer’s Profile of Richard Holbrooke In September , as George Packer was deep into his profile of Richard Holbrooke for The New Yorker, Clinton aides emailed back and forth assuring that they were providing the journalist with all of the key facts — and no information that could be damaging to the Secretary of State.

The work-life balance was never a factor in his long foreign service career, spanning a steamy backwoods post in Vietnam at the dawn of that war to his last post, the one that arguably killed him, the diplomatic version of the Augean Stables—solving Afghanistan and Pakistan. After his death in , his filmmaker son David Holbrooke set out on a personal project, with the aim of trying to understand the life of his often absent father.

The thrice-married Holbrooke was larger than life, a man who, besides negotiating historic peace treaties, was a bon vivant and a limelight hog. Ambassador to the U. Samantha Power, the president of Afghanistan and many more American foreign policy leaders, thinkers and journalists. The film opens with Holbrooke in his boyish early 20s, the classic Kennedy-era American abroad in khakis, Ray-Bans and oxford cloth. Fresh out of college, he was an ambitious young man who had set off to be a journalist but snagged a job in the foreign service first.

His sharply worded and critical dispatches from the field, unusual from a junior officer, set the tone for his career. He thrived under Democratic presidents, serving in the Carter, Clinton and Obama administrations in various high-ranking positions, including U. His greatest diplomatic feat was masterminding a peace accord in the Balkans, applying a combination of personal charm and steel on the bully, Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic, as NATO backed him up with bombs.

U.S. diplomat Holbrooke dies after tearing aorta

The official spoke on condition of anonymity because the family had yet to make a formal announcement of Holbrooke’s death. Holbrooke, whose forceful style earned him nicknames such as “The Bulldozer” and “Raging Bull,” was admitted to the hospital on Friday after becoming ill at the State Department. Earlier Monday, Obama praised Holbrooke for making America safer. Obama met briefly with Holbrooke’s family before his remarks.

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The paper does not disclose the nature of the accusations under review or the identity of the subject of the inquiry In Iraq, Saddam Hussein again is stiffing international weapons inspectors. In Kosovo, Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic is uprooting ethnic Albanians by the tens of thousands in his quest for control of their land. In Africa, terrorist bombs explode at U. Is all this connected to domestic woes?

Are villains on the move because they think the president is weakened and distracted at home? The talking heads are calling it “Murder in Kosovo”, even they are heating up the passions so that Clinton’s actions will seem justified. As the Clinton administration reached out for bipartisan support, it laid the groundwork for possible new airstrikes to retaliate for the weekend massacres of ethnic Albanians in the Serb-run province of Yugoslavia. The State Department also announced a travel advisory urging Americans not to travel in Yugoslavia.

That would be unfair. Yes, President Clinton has had distractions, from Monica to the money markets. But even though America’s direct self- interest is slender, and the mission would be messy and of uncertain duration, there is astonishing support in Washington – in both the Administration and on Capitol Hill – for military action. The best reason for America’s apparent slowness in acting is simple uncertainty about what kind of military action to take.

Richard Holbrooke

The town of Marsico, now Marsico Nuovo, is situated in the south-western part of the present-day Italian region of Basilicata. The county was later granted to the counts of Sanseverino, who were descended from the daughter of Count Silvestre. The subsequent history of the county has not yet been traced. It is assumed therefore that this second son named Geoffroy was an illegitimate son of Count Roger I. His father granted him Ragusa [32].

Other family members and associates include richard holbrooke and david holbrooke. Birthday: 12/16/ dating websites, forgotten social media accounts, and other potentially embarrassing profiles. Sign up for FREE to see Anthony Holbrooke’s Reputation Score & Background Report Sign up for FREE to see and improve YOUR Reputation Score.

Yogi Siskand a regular contributor to our site has researched the attacks on the Somnath temple and his research informs the world that attacking Somnath was not simply a Muslim past time in the 11th century and onwards. He describes many raids on Somnath made by other local Hindi and Jain rajas. Somnath, she notes, is first mentioned in the Mahabharata as a place for pilgrimage which did not have a temple until much later.

The Shaivite temple at Somnath actually dates to the late ninth or early tenth century. Somnath was then a thriving port, a great centre of trade with Muslim Arabia and Iran. A sizeable portion of the income that the temple earned from pilgrims was invested in the lucrative West Asian trade. Thapar tells us that well before Mahmud appeared on the scene, several local Hindu rajas, such as the Chudasamas, Abhiras and Yadavas, would regularly attack pilgrims on their way to Somnath and loot them of the money and valuables that they intended to donate to the temple.

In other words, Mahmud was certainly not the first of the raiders attracted to Somnath by the legendary tales of its fabulous wealth. A different picture emerges from the Jain accounts of this period. Dhanapala, an eleventh century Jain poet, attached to the Paramara court in Malwa and a contemporary of Mahmud, writes in his Satyauriya Mahavira Utasha, that Mahmud had been unable to damage the idols of Mahavira in the Jain temples.

Hemachandra, the early twelfth century Jain author of the Dvayashraya Kavya, writes that the Hindu Chalukya king of Gujarat was greatly angered by the destruction of temples by the rakshsas, daityas and asuras [demons]. Curiously, he identifies these vandals not as Muslims or Turks but as local Hindu rajas. Accordingly, he ordered the temple to be repaired.

Interestingly, this very same.

Avoiding Another Balkan Crisis: Corruption in Croatia

Diplomatic career[ edit ] U. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations from to Galbraith contributed to the uncovering of Saddam Hussein’s systematic destruction of Kurdish villages and use of chemical weapons after visits in and America and the Age of Genocide. He was one of three authors of the ” Z-4 plan ,” an attempt to negotiate a political solution to the Croatian War of Independence.

Galbraith diplomatic interventions facilitated the flow of humanitarian assistance to Bosnia and secured the release of more than 5, prisoners of war held in inhumane conditions by Bosnian Croat forces.

The US ambassador to the United Nations, Richard Holbrooke, who had abstained on the first council vote, said he would veto any new council resolution that criticized Israel.

Richard Holbrooke and Kati Marton probably considered their marriage to each other to match the phrase “the third time is the charm. Richard Charles Albert Holbrooke: February in Budapest, Hungary Mort: After 21 hours of operation for repair a tear in the aorta, Richard died at the age of 69 at George Washington University Hospital in Washington, DC, December 13, How Kati and Richard Met Richard and Kati had been friends for ten years when they had a first meeting with the other Christmas day in Paris in But his mood brightened considerably when she met Holbrooke the day – and the pair impulsively took off on a three-day period dizzying tour of France “We started to talk and tell stories books..

We just never ran out of things to say The conversation has not stopped since. We have never experienced anything ” Source:. Kati Marton enemies of the people His mother Larrine Sullivan Anthony Holbrooke: His father Peter Jennings Christopher Jennings:

Richard Holbrooke discuss with Charlie Rose about Deng Xiaoping