Police, Humber College investigating Facebook post bragging of sexual assault

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Toronto college, students, outraged over claims of student sexual assault

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Lakehead confessions page Image courtesy Facebook More Be careful what you post. The board is concerned that these confessions, which range from drunken adventures to publicly bashing teachers, are harmful to students and teachers alike. The concept is becoming wildly popular of late, with pages like these popping up all over Facebook, representing different schools.

Newfoundland politician removed from house over Facebook threats ] There are ethical concerns when it comes to the content of these confessions.

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GTA Police, Humber College investigating Facebook post bragging of sexual assault Anonymous user writes of sex with an intoxicated woman on a Facebook page that purports to be connected with Humber College Students. But by Thursday morning its content had prompted disgusted Humber students to complain to school administrators, who contacted Facebook and had the page de-activated. According to CBC, which quoted the page before it was shut down, a Facebook user purporting to be an unnamed male, wrote about meeting a woman so intoxicated she could barely walk, then bringing her back to his house.

Once there, the user writes he had sex with her before inviting his roommate to do the same. The poster writes that his roommate received oral sex from the woman. Article Continued Below The post caused a student backlash that spurred the school and police to shut down the page and investigate whether a crime in fact took place. Either way, shock and disgust that Humber College had been connected with such a vulgar Facebook account registered immediately among students and administrators.

Last month, two teenage football players in Steubenville, Ohio, were found guilty of rape after a series of sexual assaults committed against a drunken year-old girl during a wild night of partying. Instead of intervening, several witnesses snapped photos of the victim, and later shared them on social media while joking about the assaults. And this week, the death of Rehtaeh Parsons has prompted a flood of sympathy, outrage and headlines after the year-old Halifax-area resident hanged herself.

Her family says she has suffered from debilitating depression since November , when photos of a drunken sexual encounter between her and four male acquaintances circulated around several area high schools. But in the Humber College Facebook case details remain hazy.

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Share An anonymous online post on a Facebook page called Humber Epic Hookup Fails bragging about an apparent sexual assault has outraged Humber College, its students and the police. The poster says the girl threw up and that they kicked her out, leaving her naked on the driveway. Officials at Humber say that students notified them of the post, and the police have been contacted.

John Mason, vice-president of student and corporate services at Humber, said that the college reacted to the news of the post with shock and disappointment. Police said that they were alarmed by this posting and are working with the college to remove the post from Facebook. They also noted that situations such as these are very difficult to track as they are online and anonymous, and they hope that someone will come forward with more information.

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Officials at Humber say that students notified them of the post, and the police have been contacted. Police said that they were alarmed by this posting and are working with the college to remove the post from Facebook. They also noted that situations such as these are very difficult to track as they are online and anonymous, and they hope that someone will come forward with more information.

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