[NB] Yook Sungjae subtly denies dating rumors with Jooeun

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Moon Chae Won will always be beautiful no matter what her size is. Her job is not to look like how you want her to, it is to act and she does a great job of doing it. Instead of telling celebrities how they should look, why don’t you go and do something useful like read a book.

Zico and Hwayoung Dating teaser if one wants to call it of Hwayoung getting back into the minds of K-Pop fans and 2, because Zico and Hwayoung don’t even Top English K-Pop Entertainment Websites. Krystal and Minho did date for a bit, Luna has a huge crush on Onew.. O Block B No matter how hard they tried to get Kris to go on a blind date he would refuse. Ok… Did I miss something? Or was that just a rumor? Scrap allkpop has got you covered with this handy digest of the 10 most popular stories on our site for the month of November!

Block B’s Zico and Hwayoung dating! Click your favourite format to download this songs. Evol is uncomfortable with the “Female Block B” nickname?

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As a child, Park displayed a talent for singing, saying, “When I was young, I used to be so shy that I cried when I was told to sing in front of my dad on the Lunar New Year. My mom ended up sending me to a singing academy, hoping it would help me get over my shyness, but the strange thing is that I couldn’t sing in front of my mom but I wasn’t nervous at all on stage.

In , she took a leave of absence from school and entered in the regional Miss Seoul beauty pageant, placing third, followed by the Miss Korea pageant. Her profile photos were eventually handed over to a Chinese agency, and several auditions later, this led to Park making her acting debut in China. Using the stage name Park Si-yeon, she appeared in small roles in three CCTV dramas , and also landed an advertising contract with cosmetics company Enprani.

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The members who have it all from looks to talents, have received love from not only group activities but also from personal activities in dramas to entertainment to musicals. However, that love has turned into scary hate. They received criticisms in the middle of controversy of losing a member and undergoing changes. They apologised and explained. They bowed their heads and pleaded but turning around the heart of the public that has once changed was not easy.

Now, T-ara has chosen to wait while shedding sweat working hard instead of continuously explaining. Whether they will be able to regain their past glory is an uncertain thing to even the members, themselves. On the 11th, T-ara are releasing their 10th mini-album and coming back with group activities.

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Actor Lee Dong Gun and Ji Yeon of T-ara are dating. According to anonymous source, They developed their relationship 2 month ago, saying that “They get.

Did he do the same towards their attackers? JYP took the first step but will he take more? Why not go after sasaengs in the same manner it’s not that difficult is it? I mean they flaunt their actions all over it shouldn’t be that hard to stop them. Companies should follow JYP’s example and action and start a motion forget Hallyu Wave start the Wave of justice for your artists who are treated unfairly by the public.

When there is a sasaeng that texts a star photos of their own home and property proving they have illegal access to their home and property go to the authorities and go after the person. They have proof phone records will show the person sent the text and where from the photo is proof of where it was taken and the stars number that hasn’t been given was also possessed in a manner of which was not the stars doing.

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Jiyeon is my number one idol coz my opinion she very This is a Fanpage of South Korean idol, singer, model and actress and a member of the popular girl group T-ara, Park Jiyeon. Bo-ram, Ji-yeon, T-ara Tags: Boram, Ji-ram, Ji-yeon… http: Ahn Hee Yeon Geek Magazine – blogspot. T-ara’s JiYeon and her cuteness from this week’s ‘

Big Bang’s Seungri Involved In Car Accident At roughly am this morning Seungri of Big Bang was involved in a car crash when driving home. His Porsche collided with another Mercedes leading the car to flip and collide with a guard rail.

No, hopefully not so recently, especially with the increasing criminalization of abortion since last year. Whatever the date though, when even the organization charged with helping unwed mothers once stigmatized them, then you can imagine how badly they fare in society today. Which is what prompted this anonymous Korean woman, who kindly recently wrote on TGN about how and why she got an abortion, to post a link to this imomNews article outlining how the reality is anything but.

With thanks to Marilyn for translating it, here it is in full: Lives by herself or in a boarding house, has open and impulsive sexual values. I Came From Busan , However, as ways to support them are currently being actively discussed in political circles, civic organizations, and businesses, interest in unwed-mother families is rising. We need bold support policies for unwed parents. However, there are many times when I question whether unwed mothers, while raising their children, can proudly or confidently share their child-rearing experiences and develop in that [kind of environment], in our society.

Through actions like prioritizing hiring unwed mothers, businesses are also devoting themselves to the cause of their independence.

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You can tell right away. Sports Seoul via Nate1. Top star A is known for overcoming some steep obstacles thanks to the luck she’s fared with her male co-stars. All of the male co-stars she’s worked with have always made sure to clear the films et of any drama by demanding that everyone “gives in to A’s demands”. Normally, actors will get into conflict over the order of names in the ending credits but all of the male actors A’s worked with have made sure that she gets all of her demands met.

A only had one incident where things didn’t quite go her way, and it was when a male co-star was frustrated with her lack of acting skills, which he was open about expressing.

Nov 05,  · She was missing for a month or two before the dating leak and after that she was with them in one event only before once again becoming absent. It was coming and they knew it. Anonymous.

Dispatch Jawab Pertanyaan Seputar Asmara Tae Yeon dan Baekhyun Dispatch membeberkan panggilan sayang keduanya, waktu kencan, faktor ketertarikan hingga asumsi fans sudah tahu sejak awal. SM Entertainment yang dikenal tegas melarang sesama artisnya berpacaran mengakuinya setelah Dispatch mengungkap foto kencan keduanya. Kini media tersebut merilis tanya jawab seputar hubungan Tae Yeon dan Baekhyun. Sejak kapan Tae Yeon dan Baekhyun saling menyukai? Mereka pertama bertemu pada ketika Baekhyun jadi trainee SM Entertainment.

Sejak itu mereka berhubungan dengan banyaknya kesamaan. Mereka baru serius tahun lalu dan mulai kencan Februari ini. Apa yang membuat mereka saling tertarik?

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This post contains the results of the Kpopalypse survey of important trufax! Read on for all the exciting numbers, charts, opinions and statistics that you crave! Thanks to everybody who did the Kpopalypse survey of important trufax!

[NETIZENBUZZ] Kris Menemukan Kesulitan Mendapatkan Cast di China. Penggemar bersemangat mengenai berita bahwa Suzy miss A dan penyanyi Roy Kim akan menjadi narator untuk On Style “XTM Dating Project”, ‘Connection ′, dan sekarang hari tersebut akhirnya datang! T- ARA (2) Yoon Eun Hye (2) YoonA (1) Top Article.

Felt uncomfortable a lot when watching couples in SK. Some scenes are disgusting enough to put me in a physical malaise. Def crosses a line. In short, the government just seems to be going through the motions, rather than really grappling with some of the underlying causes of misogyny. Out of these requests, only 4 resulted in action actually being taken. The Korean Institute for Gender Equality Promotion and Education is responsible for the monitoring, under the auspices of the Ministry.

Chinese chaebol Wang Sicong gifts each of T-ara a luxury car

Basically, couple Queens said it is all the hate are from sone or they only dare to defend T-ara from sone The following post is those crazy, immature, Queens attack on Sone. The entire post has 66 pages. This post later to become a fanwar T-ara is just better than GG in everything. Why do Sone cry at night?

[PICTURE] T-ara attends the Premiere Of “Marrying The Mafia” December 19, EunJung Marrying the Mafia T-ara Leave a comment [NEWS] Oh Yeon Seo confessed her desire of shooting a romantic scene with Lee JangWoo.

Netizens both Korean and international and their constant thoughts or lack thereof about all sorts of things are something that I often think are ridiculous, and I enjoy holding some of these people up to contemptuous ridicule. Then I looked at the video. Then July happened to T-ara. No need to boringly recap all that mess, but how time flies, hey… and to think some people in Korea plus a few trendy Koreaboo hipsters on western sites who wish they were Korean still crap on about this shit like it was yesterday.

Hwayoung was only in the group for 20 months, which means that Korean netizens have now been cyberbullying T-ara members over some shit they have zero proof of having even happened for longer than she was even in the group to begin with getting her nails painted and having long, luxurious baths. Of course, all hate for T-ara everywhere is all purely on the Internet only.

Even the amount of hate that T-ara received at the peak of the bullshit is questionable. Not a single projectile was ever thrown in anger on a live stage.

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Thursday September 27, 8: Fans captured the moment which made it seem Junsu and Taeyeon are holding hands on stage. When some pictures of the two touring Los Angeles went viral, some became completely convinced there is something between these K-Pop idols.

This post contains the results of the Kpopalypse survey of important trufax! Read on for all the exciting numbers, charts, opinions and statistics that you crave! Kpopalypse dating advice, at your service. Cut the image macros mate. T-ara will have an awesome korean comeback and shits on hating netizens’ opinions.

A new girl group called The Gloss just announced their impending debut a few days ago. From their teaser picture, The Gloss looks like another run-of-the-mill K-pop girl group in funky leggings and dyed hair. Wait, a non-Asian in a K-pop group?! Wow, looks like K-pop has finally learned let go of their nationalistic streak and is beginning to embrace multiculturalism by allowing foreigners to become K-pop idols! I mean, it sure took them long enough, right?

Break out the champagne! Korean entertainment companies have been holding overseas auditions for quite some time now, but even after all these years, the dearth of non-East Asian faces on the K-pop stage essentially speaks for itself. As I explained in my previous article, the reasoning behind favoring East Asians over any other race makes a lot of sense when one considers the ways in which K-pop has been marketed for the past ten years. As much as K-pop has recently grown to become a global phenomenon, there is still little doubt in the fact that K-pop is still recognized as an Asian music scene with Asian performers, and that the bulk of the K-pop fan market lies within Asia.

Thus, Korean entertainment companies are completely justified in favoring people of East Asian descent when choosing potential trainees. Now more than ever, Hallyu has become an important facet of the Korean political and economic identity, and Western purveyors of K-pop are the next players up at bat. With Western fans consuming more K-pop than ever before, the next logical step might be to begin casting Westerners as K-pop idols.

But the sight of a European face in an otherwise all-Asian K-pop group is bound to come off as a surprise to almost anyone who notices this irregularity. Some are excited at the prospect of seeing a non-Asian on the K-pop stage.

‘Taxi’ to delete VOD of Hwayoung and Hyoyoung’s episode to prevent further drama!