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With this projector you can instantly view your iDevice’s high-definition videos and images, games, and even native iOS apps like Keynote or FaceTime, all on a variable sized viewing screen the can enlarge the image to a inch diagonal size. Now, let’s put things in perspective, most TV sets these days average between 32 and 60 inches diagonally, so a projector that can mirror your iPad at a size of over inches across diagonally is pretty significant, especially when you take into consideration the fact that the projector itself is so tiny, measuring only 4. Master your iPhone in one minute a day: Sign up to iPhone Life’s Tip of the Day Newsletter and we’ll send you a tip each day to save time and get the most out of your iPhone or iPad. The Brookstone Pocket Projector Pro has two small speakers built into it, with a touch-sensitive panel on the projector’s top side which allows you to adjust volume settings. When I use the projector, I typically bypass the projector’s in-built speakers in favor of a larger, more powerful Bluetooth speaker—any model with a 3. Not that the projector’s speakers are bad, because they are not. The Pocket Projector isn’t just great for entertainment purposes and social gatherings, it’s also perfect for any kind of visual media presentation to a large group of people, such as a business meeting or a college classroom.

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Can you connect iPad to a Projector via iTunes? I want to connect the ipad to a projector to make a presentation with Keynotes. It’s a possibility to connect the iPad via iTunes or other program. I need to connect it via USB port. You will need to ask an adult from the apple store Original Question Can you show what you see on your iPad screen on the projector?

I know how to show a presentation using Keynote on a projector , but what I was wondering about is can you show the main page of your iPad screen or whatever you do on your iPad on the projector it self.

Take your home theater with you wherever you go! You can hook a jailbroken iPhone up to a projector and speakers and make any room a movie theater, with a crystal clear 52″ screen.

Jessa can fix practically anything. But these days, she spends most of her time fixing just one thing. Because every single month, more and more iPhone 6 and especially 6 Plus devices show up at her shop, iPad Rehab , with the same problem: The gray flickering bar you can see across the top of this iPhone is a classic symptom of a problem that repair pros are seeing in more and more iPhone 6 and 6 Plus devices. Lots of repair pros are experiencing the same influx of faulty iPhones—most with flickering gray bars and all with glitchy touch functionality.

About half of the repairs sent to Michael Huie—the specialist behind Microsoldering. He sees phones like this several times a week. The gray flickering bar goes away. After a short remission, though, the iPhone illness gets worse. The insidious gray bar of death spreads. Touch functionality gets increasingly glitchier.

Can You Hook Up an iPod to an Overhead Projector?

Support more than devices and network. Backup your phone data to Mac or Windows PC. Restore phone data from iCloud backup, iTunes backup and phone transfer backup. Erase existing or deleted phone data permanently.

You can plug an iphone in to any projector, you will need an iphone to VGA adapter cable and a VGA cable to connect to the projector (most projectors should come with a VGA cable). You can get the adapter cable from the apple shop or from amazon.

Look for the extra referee holding the beverage for a sense of size. Best Projectors for Outdoor Movie Theaters [ top ] There are currently no projectors designed exclusively for outdoor use. However, most of our home theater projectors , and even some of our business models, can easily be set up outside. There are no projectors designed specifically for outdoor use, however, you can bring most home theater models outside.

Just don’t forget to bring them inside when you’re done! To get those gigantic, vivid images projectors are known for, we highly recommend using an HD model in your outdoor theater. Most of our home theater projectors are p or p and will more than fit the bill. You can also look for a business model with a resolution of x or higher. Non-HD projectors will also work well outdoors, but the image quality won’t be quite as spectacular as their higher resolution brothers and sisters.

For the video source, there are several options available — If you’re close enough to your wireless router, a Roku stick, Amazon Fire TV stick or Apple TV are good streaming video solutions. If that’s not an option, you can use a laptop with HDMI out, a portable Blu-ray player, or simply grab some really long cables and connect directly to your indoor home entertainment system.

Use our sorting features to find the best projector for your outdoor theater.

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We all know that YouTube is the number one source for videos online. Of course you can use YouTube directly and sing along with it without any additional equipment. Just play the songs from YouTube on your device and sing along. This maybe the same set of speakers used by your mic or another set of speakers. There are more simple ways of doing karaoke without the need for microphones and TVs such as the use of Apps in your mobile devices or computers.

So, I have a Sony Bravia Smart TV There’s a mode called ‘wifi direct mode.’ I CAN connect my iPhone to the Bravia with no problems and it comes up with ‘Device Connected.’ So, it obviously recognises the iPhone and talks to it so to speak. However, I can’t seem to send anything to the TV from.

Answer this question 6 answers I wouldn’t consider this as “waterproof”. No, this is not waterproof. Don’t know haven’t got it wet yet. I would guess it would withstand some splash, but I wouldn’t think it to be considered “water proof”. I wouldn’t consider this, or anything along these lines as “waterproof” unless specifically stated in the manufacturer’s specs. We only connect one

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Many mobile projectors have attempted to copy our pico projector design. What type of image quality will the P1 projector produce in a bright room? Because of the limitations of LED technology, this projector will produce at best a 12″ image in a bright room. What type of image quality will the P1 projector product in a dark room? How can I get a brighter image from the P1 Pico projector?

iCODIS G1 — Best Pico Projector for iPhone. Some say that it also struggles to hook up with Android handsets, and it ironically doesn’t support Sony’s own PlayStation consoles at times, so expect a little finagling out the box when you get your hands on this projector.

June 8, 8: Whatever you’re doing on your phone, you should be able to do on your computer, and vice versa. The process of moving between your devices should be simple and smooth. That’s the concept behind the “unified experience” that’s happening with operating systems, including Apple’s Yosemite , and iOS 8. Let’s say you start typing a text message on your iPhone and you realize that what you have to say is quite long. You’d rather write the message on your MacBook.

With Continuity, you could lock your phone, open your MacBook, and have your drafted message waiting for you to complete it.

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Is it possible to connect to your mobile phone not necessarily an iPhone via Bluetooth or WiFi and use it as a “modem” to connect to the Internet vie 3G network.? Actually I am pretty sure that Bluetooth won’t work. I have seen that “WiFi modems” can be used with the iPad. In principal your mobile phone should be able to do the same thing without needing another 3G account. Does a WiFi modem operate differently in some way?

I hooked my kindle up to my computer but it keeps asking for a disk I have done it before and it didnt ask for one but it is now and I dont have a disk read more Nick H.

However, we can display a giant movie screen in our living room any time we want and pay a fraction of the cost to operate it. How to Connect an iPad to a Projector: HDMI will transfer the audio from the iPad or other device to the speakers located on the projector, while the VGA does not transfer audio. Using VGA, the sound will come out of the iPad speakers.

Keep this in mind if you have a sound system that you prefer. If you watched the clip to the end, you know that there is a third connection option: The main benefit to this option is that it is wireless. The Apple TV unit plugs into the projector and therefore leaves your iPad or other device free to roam around. This can be a big advantage and maybe a no-brainer if your projector is attached to the ceiling or far away from where you plan to sit. That said, if you plan on using the other movie-watching features that Apple TV offers and prefer wireless, this is not a bad deal.

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