Grass Pitch with Electric Hook-up

I have a three-tiered closet. No problem reaching the top level once you get the hang of it. It is long enough to reach the highest rung in our closet. Shipping was fast and it was easy to assemble. It seems like you may have to keep tightening it up where the pieces screw together. I will be buying one for my daughters as well as my sister. There are no telescoping parts or other weak joints.

Technical Specification

These shows are explicit and starting late at around The handsome Thai Gay Go Go Boys on the stage have a number on their speedos or boxers and you can ask the waiter to call the one you like for company, but you will need to add and pay for his drink too, normally watered down but payable in full. A private party of two or more boys can be arranged also but ask the host for a discount. For something different, there is a long famous great muscle boy show at the Tawan Bar.

The latter one rather looks like a night club but you may use their karaoke rooms for free if you come in a group and buy a bottle of Black Label.

This outdoor solar shower is one of the ways I conserve energy. The sun heats the water in the black-painted tank on top for my shower each day.

One easy way to get your shower set up in no time is by installing a shower kit. Shower kits are economical and make setting up a new shower fairly simple since all of the components needed are already prefabricated and ready to go. Suncast 4 Panel Resin Wicker Outdoor Screen Adding a shower to your outdoor space is a practical choice when you have a pool or live near the beach and prefer not to track water, sand and dirt into the house.

Showers not only serve a functional purpose but can be attractive as well. By installing prefabricated shower kits, you have an economical option that does not require a large outlay in labor costs. You can even install the shower yourself if you have a little knowledge about how to hook up the plumbing.


September 12, Having the home you always wanted has to do with more than just the house structure itself. Of course, you want the exterior and interior of the home to meet your needs and look great, but the yard and outdoor fixtures of a house are important as well. One outdoor fixture that is growing in popularity is the outdoor shower.

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No more messy cups or flimsy hoses that blow off. No sloppy shampoo container to fill, use shampoo like you do. Wash the dog outside with the same sprayer your dog is used to in the summer. Snap the 8-foot flexible detachable hose to the special aerator at dog washing time and you are ready. Quick-connect pet bath 8′ hose to aerator. Twist hose on spigot or garden hose. How do I contact Customer Service?

Yes, there is a one-year warranty. We warrant the product shall be free of defects in assembly under normal use when properly installed and maintained. If the product should become defective, we will repair it or elect to replace it free of charge. To obtain warranty service, please call or email service ginsey. Include a return address inside the package.

How to Install an Outdoor Shower

With fields and fells all around, this is a stunning place to camp, and rightly popular with walkers and cyclists on the hunt for some classic Lake District scenery The Owner Says Eskdale Campsite offers a traditional Lakeland camping barn, 10 camping pods and pitches suitable for campervans and tents. Nestled in the beautiful Eskdale valley, on the western side of the Lake District National Park, walkers have direct access to some stunning walks, including England’s highest peak, Scafell Pike.

Cyclists can enjoy the Eskdale Cycle Trail which takes you to the coastal village of Ravenglass, or, for the more hard core, why not tackle the Hardknott and Wrynose mountain passes For those that just want to chill, you can take in the spectacular scenery from the La’ Ratty Steam Train followed by superb beer and food from any of the 3 Lakeland pubs on the campsite’s doorstep. Fully stocked shop selling local produce, ales, camping equipment, and daily essentials.

It hooks up to a regular garden hose, and allow you to adjust the water temperature from warm to cold (cold water is delivered directly via the garden hose). It can bolted to wood or cement, and is designed to be unbolted easily for portability.

Unfortunately, some apartments and homes with small kitchens do not have dishwashers. This is when a portable dishwasher comes in handy. They store out of the way until you need them. Hooking up a portable Whirlpool dishwasher requires the faucet adapter that comes with the appliance. If you do not have the adapter, it is available at some department stores, home improvement stores, and appliance repair centers.

Does this Spark an idea? Wrap masking tape around the aerator of the kitchen faucet. The tape protects the finish on the aerator.


For us, we needed: For us this was: First, we are going to make the drainage system where you stand when taking the shower.

The Rocket Shower product line also includes three versions of the Jet Pack, a complete clean-up kit that fits easily into a messenger bag, backpack, airline carry-on or checked luggage. (www.

September 7, Outdoor Pool Bathroom Hello hello friends! Remember how my husband thought that because of that bathroom, nobody would go inside during the party and I was a crazy person for cleaning like a crazy person? We all know how that ended. Since I aim to please and love my blog readers! I braved the scorching summer heat and took some pictures for you. Here are a few pics of the back of part of our house so you can see where the bathroom is located. A section of our house juts out and the pool bathroom is located on the other side.

You can see the little path you take in-between the overgrown plants. This section of plants still needs some work.

A Concord Carpenter

With two outdoor models to choose from, you can now enjoy endless, demand hot water while camping or at your cabin. Great for base camps, outfitters, emergency responders, RV’s, boats and food vendors. Put one in the barn or horse trailer to take a shower and wash your horses.

Outdoor shower; Outside cook stove or grill (keeps grease spatters and cooking odors outside) Outside storage compartment (great place to put fishing rods, firewood, tools, etc) New popup campers start at around $5, up to about $20, for a large fully decked out model. On average, most people who buy a new popup camper spend between.

See More Articles Popup Campers Whenever I hear the words “popup camper,” I think of a “jack in the box” similar to one I had as a child where you wind a crank, a lid pops open, and whatever figure is inside pops out. Although a popup camper, also commonly called a tent camper or folding camper, isn’t quite that easy to set up, the theory behind it is similar. A person uses either a hand crank or hydraulic lift to open and lift up the top portion of the camper, the beds on the ends are slid out, and any other slides included on the camper are slid out, and a person is well on their way to getting their camper set up.

But, as the owner of a popup camper for six years, setting up the camper or taking down the camper in inclement weather, such as a driving rain, is no fun. Pop-up campers are the most reasonably priced category of towable camper which makes them a very popular purchase for first time camper buyers as well as for families who love to camp but have to watch their budget. Because almost all pop-up campers have canvas or “soft sides,” they weigh less than any other category of camper which means a truck with a large towing capacity isn’t needed to tow the camper.

Many vans and SUV’s are more than capable of towing a popup camper to any destination. Pop-up campers have a low towing profile which makes towing them almost effortless.

Outdoor Showers

That would mean two sweated copper joints per each connection in addition to the pex connection one for the copper male adapter and one for the copper to pex adapter. Going directly to pex reduces the number of connections by 8 in my system , which are all potential points of failure. I guess I have far more faith in a soldered connection than a crimped one.

Come and take a tour of our outdoor pool bathroom! We added simple features that every pool bathroom should include. If you follow the path around to the side of the house you’ll see our little outdoor shower. are two doors on the side of our house. The first door by the window is the pool bathroom. The second door opens up to a small.

Tweet Plumbing Hook up an outdoor shower much like you would an indoor one. Plumbing connections and practices should mirror indoor plumbing codes and installation practices. For example, if you are including both hot and cold water, add a pressure-balance valve to prevent scalding. If you live in a cold climate and will be shutting off the shower in the winter, make sure you include a shut off and drain valve to winterize the shower.

Our shower is attached and connected to a three-season pool house that is winterized at the end of the season. All of the plumbing fixtures will be drained and the pipes blown out with compressed air. Drainage Most outdoor showers simply drain into the ground or through a bed of stone. This is less taxing on a septic system than an indoor shower, but may be in violation of local codes.

DIY Outdoor Shower

JoshHabisch 7 months ago Reply I love this Idea and I will also be building this with a couple of minor tweaks I believe I am going to install a tire valve stem, so I can pressurize my barrel. I will be having a ball valve somewhere in the pipe that the shower head will be attached to, so I can regulate the amount of water and pressure I use per minute. I would also like to attach, to it, some sort of solar water heater Not quite sure how I’m going to make this part though.

Direct sewer hook-up capable Portable Toilet Rental showers share the USA built quality of workmanship with the rest of our product line. You will not find a better portable shower for the money.

Whether you like camping, hiking, fishing or hunting, all are great ways to get out into the outdoors. It gives you a good chance for connection to the earth. Our outdoor channel blog was created as a guide for people who love to hunt, fish and camp. If you are looking for some tips or reviews of gear for these activities, you will find many useful guides on our pages. Being prepared with essential information, you can enhance your outdoor experience.

Camping One of the best ways to spend time surrounded by nature is camping. While camping, you can also do hiking, fishing, kayaking, backpacking and so much more. This way you can start slow and gradually test your comfort zone. After some time you might be ready for real camping in the backcountry. These campgrounds can offer tents, water and different other amenities. If you are camping with kids, some camps might also have group activities and classes to keep entertained.

For camping in the backcountry, further in the wilderness, there are also a lot of equipment that can make your adventure more comfortable, fun and most importantly safe. Among the camping gear, there are the essential items and optional items that you might or might not need according to your preference and comfort needs. We are constantly reviewing new gear, like tents, sleeping bags, backpacks and much more.

DIY How To Install Copper To Pex Shower and Bath Plumbing