Archeologists find Roman shipwrecks off Egypt’s north coast

Well-fed by East Asian grain and powered with slave labor, great coastal cities had risen along its shores and now buzzed with merchants haggling in Greek, Persian, Scythian and Thracian tongues. Yet during great tempests, more than a few ships sunk into the sea and out of memory. Now, one vessel has re-emerged after slumbering below the waves for more than two millenia — and it could provide the clearest glimpse yet of life during the time of the Black Sea-faring traders. The roughly foot-vessel, found about 50 miles off the coast of Bulgaria, dates back to roughly BC — when the Black Sea was dotted with trading colonies tied to various Greek city-states such as Athens and Sparta. It is the oldest of more than 60 such ships from the Roman, Ottoman and Byzantine empires that the project stumbled upon while conducting a survey of the impacts of sea-level rise on the Black Sea, according to the researchers. Intact ships of its ilk have largely survived only in paintings and on pottery, such as the famous Siren Vase depicting Homeric hero Odysseus contending with mythological Sirens. The ancient wreck defied decay thanks to a geological quirk of the Black Sea that creates pockets of oxygen-deprived water inhospitable to the microorganisms that normally munch shipwrecks into oblivion.

Take a look inside these 4 Great Lakes shipwrecks

Maclean On the edges of the Clarence River on the New South Wales north coast, there has been the sweetest of archaeological finds. NSW Government senior marine archaeologist Brad Duncan discovered the watery graveyards of more than boats, which once served the sugar industry in an era when the Clarence River was a super highway for sugar transport. The boats, known as punts, were used to transport sugar cane from local farms to the sugar mills from the s to the early s.

The shipwrecks of Narragansett Bay and southern New England, for example, have tremendous historical importance, archaeological significance and anthropological potential. Just within Narragansett Bay lie shipwrecks dating back to the seventeenth century including at least 33 shipwrecks from the Revolutionary War.

Mueller says Manafort breached plea deal by lying Five shipwrecks dating as far back as 2, years have been discovered off the coast of a Greek island. The shipwrecks were discovered during an archaeological research project that took place in September. Its aim was to identify, record and study ancient and medieval shipwrecks from around Fourni—an island complex that would have served as a hub of the ancient world, when goods were traded across the Aegean Sea.

Previously, archaeologists had found 53 shipwrecks in the waters around Fourni. The cargo found at the sites include a huge jar that would have been filled with Roman-era salted fish of Spanish origin. During the latest mission, archaeologists uncovered five additional shipwrecks, bringing the total to The oldest one dates to the fourth century BC, while another was found to be 2, years old, the Greek Ministry of Culture said. Along with the wrecks, researchers also found 25 anchors near to the Kamari settlement of Fourni.

These date back to the Roman period through to the 18th century. The ministry said their location and immense size points to the presence of a previously unrecognized large community living on the eastern side of Fourni. The ministry notes that there are no historical records of a thriving community in this region at the time.

Ancient Shipwrecks Found Off Central Italy’s Coast

Amphora that were cargo of a ship that sank in the Greek archipelago of Fourni RPM Nautical Foundation The remains of a wooden shipwreck on the seafloor. Vasilis Mentogianis An amphora from a shipwreck on the seafloor. Vasilis Mentogianis A diver measures Archaic Period amphoras. It was one of the most significant finds of ancient shipping vessels, adding 12 percent to the total number of known ancient shipwrecks in Greek waters.

Now, researchers have reason to keep on celebrating.

58 shipwrecks dating back to the ancient Roman and Byzantine eras were found in the Aegean Sea — one of the top archaeological discoveries of the century.

July 18, , University of Southampton Diver measures amphoras. Vasilis Mentogianis An expedition to the Fourni archipelago in Greece, co-directed by a University of Southampton archaeologist, has found 23 new shipwrecks dating from around 1, BC to the 19th century AD. The team carrying out the investigation, The Fourni Underwater Survey, previously found 22 wrecks in the same area, bringing the total number of finds in a nine month period to The project, an exciting joint Greek-American venture, is exploring the coastline of a group of islands east of mainland Greece which may contain one of the largest concentrations of ancient shipwrecks in the world, hidden beneath the waves.

We expect more seasons like these first two. The data we have recorded offers great insight into ancient navigation and trade. The latest survey was conducted during June and early July , following a previous investigation in September The goal of both was to identify and document ancient, Medieval, and post-Medieval shipwrecks in the archipelago.

Archaeologists find Roman shipwrecks off Egypt

A seafarers tale – an archaeological elucidation of a shipwreck By Sten Sjostrand Dreary weather and intermittent rain has led to a dramatic drop in temperature over the last few days and then, just as the rain finally stopped, a cold wind began to blow from the north. It whipped up high waves and enormous swells that broke repeatedly against the side of the ship giving the deck, and everyone on it, a good showering.

It was unbearably cold, wet and miserable. Captain Heng Tai dexterously managed to avoid getting any salt water in his face as he crouched and turned with every hit. He was an experienced captain who had sailed this route many times before, but never so late in the season.

The first national marine sanctuary, Thunder Bay is the state’s sanctuary gem with its more than historic shipwrecks in or around Thunder Bay.

Many of the shipwrecks haven’t even been found yet – but when they are found, they are a magnificent look into the history of our state and the lakes that surround it. Here are just a few of the more recent shipwreck finds: What is believed to be the 2nd oldest commercial shipwreck ever discovered, the sloop Washington, also known as the Lady Washington, set sail from Kingston with five men on board on Nov.

More info on this shipwreck here. Divers find year-old locomotive in Lake Superior This isn’t technically a “shipwreck” – but it’s still cool. A locomotive that derailed and plunged from a cliff into Lake Superior was discovered after years. Canadian Pacific Railway Locomotive No. More on this story here. Explorers find shipwreck of rare Great Lakes vessel Underwater explorers say they’ve found the year-old Lake Ontario shipwreck of a rare sailing vessel that typically wasn’t used on the Great Lakes.

British, Dutch WWII shipwrecks vanish from Pacific Ocean

Nanhai Marine Archaeology is committed to sharing information from its projects. This information is available online at: Brown and the company’s principal researcher; Sten Sjostrand. Published by the National Museum, Kuala Lumpur. Published by Pacific Asia Museum, Pasadena.

Almost 60 shipwrecks dating from ancient Greece to the 20th century have been found in the Aegean sea. Thought to be the biggest discovery of its kind in the Mediterranean, divers stumbled upon.

Begin with a Free Trial to Ancestry. Companies and Their Vessels: This is a very comprehensive index page of Fleet lists for the many shipping lines and companies. New Fleets are added regularly. There are several other links from this page which include ship descriptions , passenger fares , ship-rigging , transmigration. A variety passenger lists. The greatest concentration is for previously unpublished records found for the pre-archiving period in Canada pre Canada was the gate-way to the US mid-west.

A detailed look at Canadian record sources and Canadian-US border records. Ships’ Arrival Information, etc.: From this page find ship arrival information to Australia, Canada and the United States and other parts of the world, drawn from many sources, predominantly newspaper reports.

Secrets of the shipwrecks at the bottom of sea around Britain finally revealed in amazing footage

Greece Oldest intact shipwreck known to humanity found in Black Sea The trading ship, previously only seen in an intact state on the side of ancient Greek pottery, was dated back to BC. The ship, which is lying on its side with its mast and rudders intact, was dated back to BC – a time when the Black Sea was a trading hub filled with Greek colonies.

The team, which includes British, Bulgarian, Swedish, US and Greek marine archaeologists and maritime scientists, said the vessel was found at a depth of more than 2km. The water at that depth is oxygen-free, meaning that organic material can be preserved for thousands of years. Helen Farr, a project team member, added:

Explorers have accidentally discovered a graveyard of 41 brilliantly preserved shipwrecks at the bottom of the Black Sea. The unique findings have been uncovered by a team of maritime.

Share Tweet Beneath the vastness and calmness of Georgian Bay, lies not only a variety of underwater creatures but also twenty or more shipwrecks that were found, explored, preserved and retold in history books. Sweepstakes and City of Grand Rapids. These two shipwrecks in Tobermory have been resting peacefully in a turquoise water in Big Tub Harbor for more than a hundred years but they refuse to sink and be forgotten by the world.

Unlike Titanic, their remains live on…. Today, though 20 feet underwater, they are still a sight to behold. The tour starts from the picturesque town of Tobermory. It sank in She weighed two hundred eighteen tonnes and She has 23 feet beam and a 10 feet depth of hold. In late summer of , Sweepstakes was hauling coal… ….. She was stranded near Cove Island— —and they decided… ….. But before she was completely salvaged from further damage… …she sank.

Forever… Few meters away from the Sweepstakes is another shipwreck. She carried both cargoes and passengers to Huron Lake and Georgian Bay.

Ramming Speed

Maine Historical Society It is not always clear why a ship wrecks. On the night of December 24, , Weather Bureau journals show there was a 20 mph wind and a light rain. Though the crew of the Annie C. Maguire had seen the Portland Head Light through the rain, the schooner struck the rocks less than feet from the lighthouse. Captain Thomas O’Neil stated that he had lost his bearings and did not realize they were so near shore.

He, his family and the crew made it to safety with the help of the lighthouse keeper and his son.

The river lies quiet now, except for kayakers and fishers, and it was a kayaking magazine that led Dr Duncan to the coordinates of his significant find around Harwood Island.

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